ELL/Special Education District Team
Andrew Fulton
Leslie Nobel
Katie Dyer
Susan Rosato
Proposal for ELL/Special Education Referral Procedure
We would like to propose the following guidelines to help Colchester Educators and Supplemental Educators determine when an English Language Learner who is suspected of being disabled should be referred for special education and other related services.
Reasons to make a referral
· Significantly slow academic progress
· Social/emotional problems in class or playground
· Speech and/or language impairments that are not due to second language learning
· Health or sensory impairments
· Gross developmental lag
· Documented history of special education services in the country of origin
· Trouble understanding receptive and expressive language
Issues to consider
· Differentiate if the student is not achieving due a disability or is it because the child has not yet acquired English
· Assess the students oral proficiency skills in English and the oral proficiency skill in Native language
· Assemble a team(EST) the team should include but not be limited to: referring teacher, district SPED team member, school nurse, principal, counselor, specialists and ELL teacher
· Collect the following information(ELL teacher should have this information)
Current WIDA score
Years in USA
Years of oral instruction in English
Cultural and Economic factors
Frequency of absences
Results of parent interview
Peer comparison with similar backgrounds/sibling comparison
Medical information
· Suggest classroom interventions
· Document the interventions
· Collect student work samples
· Results of all assessments
· Parent reports

This gathering of student data will all help Special Educators determine if they should evaluate the student in English or if the tests should be conducted in the native language by a bilingual evaluator for a disability.