When you visit snappywords you will be able to build cool vocabulary webs that relate to your content vocabulary. ELL's need lots of practice with vocabulary and this site will offer your students a visual display of the vocabulary words they are learning and connect it to other related vocabulary.

ELL's can be confused by everyday idioms that are used during content area lessons. Students can use idiom dictionaryto help them learn the meanings for over 5,000 of these colorful phrases.

Students can practice regular and irregular verbs when they visit this multi-language website.

esl basics is an ELL teacher's blog. Students can search everyday topics and concepts and watch mini videos and demonstrations that will help them learn our customs and culture.

Free Technology for Teachers
Free Technology for Teachers This is high school teacher, Richard Byrne's blog. He posts many useful links to free technology sites that are helpful for educators and students grades k-12. This a link to a slide show that Richard Byrne created and presented to teachers highlighting 30 great web 2.0 tools for integrating technology into the classroom! Check it out.
Classroom teachers will find downloadable worksheets and materials for grades k-12 at read write think Teachers will also be able to access professional development resources.

When student use road to grammar they will have to access grammar games and quizes. Student receive instant feedback on their progress.

ELL children in grade K-2 will entire a virtual world when the play the interactive math and language games on brainnook
Parents will need to sign their children up for the free or premium membership. Children are able to play games with children from around the world on this safe social network. Parent can download reports that chart their children's learning.

ELL highschool students can meet other language learners on vocabulix The site also features a vocabulary builder, verb drills, verb conjugation tables and language store.


ELL students and teachers will enjoy listening and collaborating on forvo This is a pronunciation guide for 276 languages.

Visit this site to find real world pictures. The site has over 2,000 ESL pictures by theme. The pictures are accompanied by text. You can find also find with other languages as well.

repeat_after_us.pngRepeat After Us is an online library of copyright-free English texts and audio recordings. The purpose of Repeat After Us is to provide ESL students with a place to read and hear proper pronunciations of English words. The texts on Repeat After Us are arranged into eight genre categories including children's stories, prose fiction, and prose non-fiction. Recordings can be listened to online and or downloaded from Repeat After Us. All of the recordings match the texts. Texts range in length from one paragraph to multiple pages.

Applications for Education
Repeat After Uscould be helpful for students learning to read and pronounce English words and phrases. Students could read the texts to themselves before listening to the recordings to check their pronunciations.

Created by Shirley Sibo

Google Earth Lit trips: Take a google earth tour that support fantastic literature!

Learning Chocolate is a nice little resource for ESL/ELL students. Learning Chocolate offers six learning activities in dozens of word categories. Pick a word category such as animals or clothing then listen to the pronunciations of the words in that category. After reviewing the pronunciations students can choose from five different activities. Each word category offers three matching games, a fill in the blank game, and dictation activity in which students spell the words as they're read to them.

Applications for Education
Learning Chocolate could be a good resource for teachers in search of activities that students can do independently or at home with parents. Learning Chocolate also offers teachers the option to build activities using their own word banks.
Created by Shirley Sibo


eslkids is a great place to find down and dirty ELL printable worksheets and games by theme. The teacher chooses a theme like transporation and fun games and worksheets will be generated around six vocabulary words that are associated with this theme. The teacher continue to generate new vocabulary words for the same theme or move on to a new theme. This is a great site for newcommer ELLs.


EduPic Title and Banner
EduPic Title and Banner Awesome photographs and pictures for free.

external image turnophrase.png Great site for new ELL. Basic close activity with picture support. social networking site that helps students learn English or any language with their peers. vocabulary word game. Great site that has a list of websites that students can use to improve their English skills. logo logo This site offer a WORD of the day, definition and a news article with the word in the headline. Fun way to challenge students to increase their vocabulary. language learning games useful for editing sections of utube videos Record your own stories. Great interview questions. Helps students with how to do research papers. Learn how to read musical notes.

TOEFL TOEFL website. Register to take this English Language Exam. Cost $175

external image teachinglibrary1.jpg Find lesson plans to accompany a wide range of children and young adult books.

external image larry-1h1uazb.jpg Larry's blog is a great resource for ELLs and their teachers. This application allows users to draw pictures on interactive whiteboards and connect to another user down the hall or around the globe. It also has a text chat feature so that the artists can communicate while they draw.

Tools for Teachers
Tools for Teachers Interactive games that teach students about the constitution and framers. Created by a social studies teacher, this site offers links and multimedia for middle school social studies topics.

external image boomwriter-static-header.png Students read the first chapter of a story and then write the next chapter. The chapters are voted on the best chapter is added to the book to be published. The site will turn your word document or pdf into a publish book on line the flips through pages like a real book. This is a free download that will allow you to translate parts of your documents into other languages without having to cut and paste into a translation site. Nasa site where you can take a tour of the solar system Free on-line stop watch and timer.

IXL This math site is for elementary and middle school students and teachers. Students use think blocks to solve math problems.

external image logo.png online magazine for elementary and middle school students. Students can find the latest news and they can also contribute to the magazine.

Screenr Capture a screen and make a video about the captured screen. Useful for explaining how to use a website so that you need not repeat your directions over and over.

Pronunciator 60 different languages are offered with topics and flashcards. The flashcards are pictures,text and voice! Students can make their own comic stripes online. Excellent cell phone application for improving vocabulary. Point your cell phone camera at any word and instantly get a dictionary definition. 21st century dictionary on the go! This is an online collaborative movie making site. Teachers can share pictures from their classroom activities with parents. Parents can take pictures while on a field trip and everyone can add them to a collaboratively produced movie.

external image logo_main_final.jpg The magazine Scientific American offers 60 second podcasts on a wide range of current scientific research and topics. The podcasts are a great way to introduce a topic or get students motivated to learn.

logo A book and a hug offers students a way to search for interesting books that are a good match for their reading level as well. Students can also write a review of the books they read.

The Why Files logo
The Why Files logo Current event news articles, pictures and videos that are based in Science. There are also lesson plans and quizes to go with the articles.
TypeIt - Type accent marks, diacritics and other characters online
TypeIt - Type accent marks, diacritics and other characters online and
These sites have accent marks and key boards that are needed when writing in other languages.
Vimeo Science website that has 91 videos to help explain middle school science topics.

The best free cultural & educational media on the web A collection of 125 science videos. Open culture has an wide range of language and culture media. This is a great website. this is a vocabulary resource. Words are group by subject. Students create videos explaining word meanings. free IPAD app that turns your IPAD into an interactive white board. Students can make graphic novel stories comic book style. This website offers teacher lesson plans that help engage boys age 11-14 who are reluctant writers.
Home Download free printable outlines to classic novels. The themes and main ideas are color coded to help ELL students get the general concepts, themes and characters in classic novels like Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies...

Get The Math
Get The Math Get on the Math is a website that features industry professionals showing teachers and students how math is used in the professions of video games, fashion design and music.

Scholastic | Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.
Scholastic | Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life. scholastic website where kids can read and write review of their favorite books. The site also offers help with how to write a good review. K-3 scholastic website is a great option work students to create a project about the main characters or their favorite characters in a story.
external image explania.png animated videos of science and technology concepts. free downloadable app. to create interactive ebooks.

AudioLiterate free downloadable audiobooks!

Mission US
Mission US

external image tagline.png?1328083907 This site offers two games that help students learn about the Revolutionary War in American History
external image logo.gif
Great tool for ELLs doing a research topic.
Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet (Mr. Byrne) Feb 16, 2012 4:11 AM - Show original item
This is copied from Byrne's blog:
The Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet is a simple little tool for translating the content on any webpage. To use the Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet just specify the language that you want content to be translated into then install the bookmarklet. Then whenever you're viewing a webpage you can click on the browser bookmarklet to translate the page. Installing the bookmarklet is a simple drag and drop process.

external image edtechteacher.png
Great Resource for finding ipad apps that connect to learning objectives! Go to Teaching with Technology and follow to iPad As.... which will take you to the page with all of the iPad apps. The website is also a resource for finding excellent technology workshops and teaching resources. Watch documentaries online for free. Well organized. Great for middle school/high school social studies an english classes. Create a cool website that allows your students to post on the site. This tool allows teachers to upload images and then tag links and explanations to the photo. You can add as many tags or links to the picture that you need.


I came across this websit and thought it might be useful for DI, particularly in light of our course work. It's from a 4th grade class, but the graphic organizers are solid and can be used across a variety of settings. I also like the cute little AR reading log. It has both Word and PDF versions of the documents, so you can tweak them if you want to.
This application allows you down load photos and then add speech to the photo. Photo with speech can then be uploaded to websites, facebook, twitter etc.
Test-taking Vocabulary Video - This video unpacks some test-taking words and what they mean, so that students have a better understanding of what their test questions are asking them. It is fun and engaging and highlights some academic vocabulary that we sometimes assume students already know.

This app can be used to collect evidence. Then, students can describe their images and provide more information.
This app can be used to collect evidence. Then, students can describe their images and provide more information.

A + CLICK ALL grade levels math site

Determining Eligibility for ELL Services
When trying to help students visually see social studies vocabulary concepts you can show them short clips on Discovery Education. Colchester Middle School teachers have an account and can ask an ELT member for the username and password.
external image DEcom.HB_DESTR.s3.png

Students can work through a task and record information about the work they are doing. Then, they can share it with others several ways.
Students can work through a task and record information about the work they are doing. Then, they can share it with others several ways.

This is a great list of web 2.0 sites that do not require students to register!