WIDA is a consortium of states dedicated to the design and implementation of high standards and equitable educational opportunities for English language learners. WIDA educational products and services fall into three main categories: standards and assessments, professional development for educators, and research.
The WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards are recognized worldwide for their innovative approach to measuring academic language development in English. From those standards, various WIDA assessments have been developed to evaluate student progress according to the WIDA proficiency scale, including ACCESS for ELLs® which is administered annually in consortium member states to comply with federal accountability requirements in the United States.

WIDA's standards are a curricular and instructional resource developed by teachers for teachers, with the support of many experts in the field of ELL education. They outline the progression of English language development and exemplify how to teach academic language within the context of content area instruction. This standards are in the process of being updated for 2012. The website offer a sneak peek at the new standards and an opportunity to offer feedback.
The WIDA Consortium's ELP Standards for PreKindergarten–Grade 12 encompass:

ELD standards

1. Social and Instructional language

2. the language of Language Arts

3. the language of Mathematics

4. the language of Science

5. the language of Social Studies

Complementary Strands
Language of Music and Performing Arts
Language of Multiculturalism Language of Visual Arts
Language of Health and Physical Education
Language of Technology and Engineering